June 12, 2014, 

The Business Incubator BIOS, 341 J. J. Strossmayer Street, Osijek

The Info-day in Osijek is one of the main project activities with both informative and educational character. Info-days will be held in Mohacs and Koprivnica as well.

 This Info-day consisted of two expert lectures – the first on energy efficiency audits and energy performance certification of buildings, and the second one on Energy Management Information System (EMIS) programme applied to public buildings. The significance of this Info-days is primarily to inform the public institutions and companies owned by the City of Osijek about energy efficiency in buildings, especially in the public sector, and in raising awareness of the public sector stakeholders and citizens about their legal obligations regarding energy efficiency in Croatia and European Union. Emphasis is placed on the importance of energy certification of buildings and the importance of monitoring energy consumption, which are also the basis for further planning and design of energy efficient reconstruction of public buildings.

Forty representatives of city's public institutions and companies along with our project partners learned the reasons and objectives for conducting a proper energy efficiency audit  and what components an energy performance certificate has to have. They were also shown the possibilities of easy access to all sorts of consumption data enabled by the EMIS programme:

  • comsuption by different energy sources and measures, by years or months, in comparison to previous periods,
  • the instant overview of consumption statistics in public sector buildings,
  • using the collected data in assisting at data preparation for conducting energy audits and certification of buildings,
  • verification of achieved savings following the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings (reconstructions).

Deputy Mayor of the City of Osijek, Mr. Vladimir Ham, opened the Info-day emphasizing the enourmous importance of energy efficiency in the view of energy savings and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

After the lectures all the stakeholders were shown the City of Osijek's EE demo-vehicle consisting of renewable energy powered models (solar panels, a small wind turbine etc.) and presenting the equipment necessary in energy efficiency audits (e.g. thermal cameras). Our two lecturers, Dragan Kovačević and Domagoj Dvoržak, presented the equipment, its use and possibilities to all the participants of the Info-day. The EE demo-vehicle was exhibited in front of the BIOS building where the Info-day was held.

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